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I don’t wanna go find the list now I’m sorry 😩

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is your new boyfriend cool with you still being in love with your ex

Haha no nobody is surprised that there’s still feelings involved on both ends, especially when we were married and when I came home the second time I started spending my time with someone else relatively quickly. Sometimes Nate and I hate each other, so it’s not always being in love, but at the end of the day it’s hard to not love someone who you have nothing against and no reason to have issues with. My business with Nate, is mine and Nate’s business, and my business with any other individual in my life is the same. However, yes, anyone I associate with, or choose to date or spend time with, knows exactly where I stand. I’ve got nothing to hide… And what do I lose in being honest? A potential boyfriend? Lol okay. I’m not worried about it. But thank you for your backhanded question, I’m sure you expected I wouldn’t answer it, and I’m looking forward to the trail of douchebag asks I’ll keep getting from you now :)

"I will love you
through all the miles
and all the thoughts
late at night
I will love you
through every day
and as the darkness
turns to light
It’s four o’clock
in the afternoon
and this
is the hardest part
but this is the way
I love you
I promise
I’ll be there soon"

I will love you through anything -c.p (via itsonlyyforever)

You’re my always.

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Did you cut your hair


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aren't you afraid Loki will get parvo/distemper/worms when you take him outdoors if he's still a puppy?

No…. He’s had all his shots and vaccinations since he was born and it’s not like he’s ever out of my sight! He’s perfectly healthy :)

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do you have any other animals does loki get along with them? Do you have a backyard for him? I live in an apartment and was thinking about getting a dog but idk since i wouldnt have a backyard for him.

Yes I have two cats! They’re basically dogs themselves so they get along well overall but the cats put him in his place when he needs it. I don’t have a backyard but honestly he spends more time outside than most dogs do! He gets to go on adventures all the time and is constantly getting walked/ran. He usually has babysitters when I’m at work. So thankfully it works out well for me. But, if I wasn’t sure that I could take him out and make sure he was well exercised or that he had someone to spend time with when I was working long hours, I wouldn’t have gotten him. He absolutely needs the exercise and time outside!